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The World of Raw Intensity

Witness the intensity of a workout on naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series in these exclusive Team MuscleTech training videos.

One of the most legendary hardcore training teams has been formed and their insane workout at Metroflex gym is documented in these Team MuscleTech® exclusive training videos. Witness the intensity of a workout on naNO Vapor® Hardcore Pro Series™.

Part 1 – Kroc's Bodybuilding Training Lesson

It's a sweltering hot day in Texas and powerlifter Matt “KROC” Kroczaleski finds himself standing at the doors of the legendary hardcore training facility – Metroflex, facing the intense eyes of his once attentive student, Johnnie Jackson. But today is different than their previous encounter. Today the student becomes the teacher. That's because Kroc is preparing for his first amateur bodybuilding competition and has come all the way to Texas to learn some bodybuilding training secrets from Johnnie Jackson and Mr. Olympia runner-up Branch Warren. [Read More]

Part 2 – Demolishing Delts with the Most Hardcore Training Team

The world's most hardcore training team is officially reunited to take you into The World of Raw Intensity – where only the most physically conditioned athletes and extreme bodybuilders can survive. Nobody trains with more intensity than Branch Warren, PERIOD! So check out what happened when Branch challenged his former training partner Johnnie Jackson to go rep for rep with him. [Read More]

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