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Build the Perfect Body with All-New P.O.P (Power of Proportions) Training

Follow each step of this exclusive 4-part series and experience how truly easy it is to build that perfect, beach-ready body in just weeks!

Jim Cordova

Introduction: Your Ultimate Training Guide

Bodybuilding is more than super-sized mass and bar-bending poundages; it's about perfect proportions and sharpened symmetry. It's about building that classic X-frame look – wide shoulders, a detailed back, rock-hard arms, a tiny waist, flaring thighs and diamond-shaped calves. Sorry to those who believe that benching 400 pounds is the be-all, end-all of training, but the amount of weight you push is only a part of building that ultimate, head-turning physique. How you train, the exact exercises you complete and the bodyparts you work, all play a crucial role in the type of body you're going to build.

This is where the P.O.P. (Power of Proportions) Training Program comes in. Considered a form of “smart” training, this one-of-a-kind training program follows a mix of Cycle/Periodization and High Intensity Training (H.I.T), while taking the human anatomy into consideration to help you maximize your workouts. P.O.P. Training, combined with cutting-edge supplements, provides you with all the musclebuilding tools you need to finally build the attention-grabbing physique you've always wanted, faster than you ever thought possible!

P.O.P. Training is an advanced program that recognizes muscle composition in an effort to maximize your training efforts and help you build the attention-grabbing physique you've always wanted!

What type of body will attract the most positive attention? What are some top-level tips and tricks for building muscle size and strength in your arms and chest? These questions, plus much more, can all be answered through this exclusive P.O.P. Training Guide. Follow each step of this complete 4-part series and experience how truly easy it is to build that perfect, beach-ready body in just weeks!

A Glance at Things to Come:

Part 1: Get Noticed Fast
  • An in-depth look at the type of body that has been historically proven to gain the most attention and how P.O.P. Training has been specifically designed to help you achieve this 'ideal' look.

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Part 2: The Forgotten Path to New Muscle Growth
  • One of the main focuses of P.O.P. Training is to stimulate typically untrained bodyparts. This can help increase new muscle tissue development, overall performance and strength and even prevent injury.

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Part 3: Helpful Hints for Fan-Favorite Exercises
  • Top industry pros reveal their best-kept secrets to building more muscle in less time. These helpful hints will help you get the most out of your P.O.P. Training and help you build the best body possible.

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Part 4: Downloadable Sample P.O.P Training Program and Finishing Touches
  • P.O.P. Training alone will only get you so far. A strict diet coupled with scientifically engineered supplements will, without a doubt, help launch your gains to the next level.

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